The psychosomatic context of disease

The more we deal with the entire person, the more the psychosomatic aspect of the disease becomes evident. Homeopathy increasingly opens the aspect of the psychosomatic dimension and proves that psyche and body act as a unit. Hence, a homeopathic remedy includes both the mental and physical sphere of a human being. Thus, in the hands of an experienced doctor such homeopathic remedies can cure serious diseases.
Already 200 years ago Hahnemann observed that certain diseases correlate with specific changes in mood (in § 210, § 211, etc. of the Organon, Hahnemann focuses on the emotional state of the patients). This aspect is nowadays regarded as being of paramount importance. Since the beginning of this millennium, we have the opportunity to elaborate, understand and evaluate life-themes and -conflicts of the patient.
The life-theme and the life-conflicts of a patient, his/her mental state, are important to indicate valuable prescriptions. This represents a great step forward in homeopathy, which is a cornerstone of medical science.

Dr. D. Payrhuber, 55th Homeopathic World Congress, Budapest 2000